The Walnut Club's Year End Gathering

Father Christmas

Around a dozen members, some accompanied by their wives, found themselves face to face with Father Christmas on December 30th when he emerged from the gents' toilet in the MAU foyer, where he had been hiding since Christmas Day, although in the meantime he had mislaid his reindeer and sleigh.

He was invited to join in the lively chit-chat and partake of the excellent spread and choice of food that members had brought in (contrary to fears we did not end up with just twelve dozen mince pies).

He then drew the prizes for the raffle, which raised about £25 which will be used to pay for speakers' expenses at future meetings, and at the end departed for Lapland via the secret exit in the gentlemens' toilet.

We hope that he will find his way back to us in 2014.


December 2013 Party