Meeting of the Officers of the Club on 24th August 2016

Meeting held at 5 Butlers Close, Broomfield on 24/8/16 commencing at 14.00.

Attendees: David Learmonth (Chairman); Brian Worboys (Treasurer); Frank Corr (Secretary) as elected at the meeting of the club on 25th July 2016.

1. DL proposed that the attendees constituted the formal committee of the club and this was agreed unaminously.

2. We discussed the requirements for the club's banking arrangements and decided that an account be set up with Lloyds Bank and that a signature of any one of the committee would be required to authorise payments from the club's account.

3. FC asked about the club's financial arrangements and DL explained that we needed to cover costs such as refreshments at meetings and to pay speakers, when invited, a nominal amount (typically £25 or so, for their efforts. It was agreed to consider fundraising methods at a later date.

4. It was agreed that we need to provide refreshments at meetings and various options were discussed. It was decided that two electric kettles should be acquired and FC agreed to organise refreshments, including bringing milk and biscuits. DL offered to purchase suitable mugs on behalf of the club.

5. DL proposed and it was agreed that we accept the offer of John Lancaster, of the local Cancer User Group, to address the club members at the next meeting.

6. We discussed the functions which the club should perform. FC offered to prepare a constitution and submit it for everones' thoughts. In principle we all agreed that we did not want to register as a charity and that the club should be low profile and not consume resources other than time and enthusiasm.

7. We discussed the format of the meetings and agreed that it would be a good idea if members were able to circulate more freely and that some time should be set aside for that purpose when that was possible. We thought that this should be at the beginning of the meeting but DL expressed concern as to how new members would be introduced. DL agreed to ask Shievon Smith (our CNS) if we could use the foyer next to the meeting room for this purpose whenever it was available.

8. FC thought that it would be a good idea to have some badges which indicated which treatment each had had for their condition. Everybody agreed that it would be an aid to promote discussion and FC agreed to research possibilities.

9. It was agreed that notes of this meeting be published on the club website and brought to the attention of the members at the next meeting.

The meeting closed at 15.55.