25 November 2013 Monthly Meeting

1. The speaker was to have been Bryan Singizi but did not arrive.

2. There were no new members attending.

3. Website: Brian Worboys (BW) had made good progress with this. Costs are £16.78 inc VAT for the domain for 2 years plus £65 for the hosting. BW may be able to get a donation as it’s aimed at local people. Chris Stubbings (CS) may be able to contribute from other charitable monies. There was discussion on control and access to the site and by implication to meetings advertised on the it: in general it was felt there should not be a problem as "unwelcome" people were unlikely to attend. Members would have to sign-up to be able to post to the forum, a facility that BW was in the process of adding. Articles are best submitted via BW – and members are encouraged to submit their experiences – including how GPs have helped and wives’ experiences.

4. Poster: the website is only useful to those who have internet access. Claire Turner (CT) and CS will update the poster, using the Walnut (Tree) theme, which can be given to all new patients coming through Clinic. Might also be possible to have it on the illuminated displays in the Broomfield’s main foyer/atrium (Action?).

5. Potential speakers and topics. There are two research organisations which David Learmonth (DL) is trying to get speakers from; a GP has already agreed to come to speak and Dr Paula Wells, a Barts radio-oncologist, is to be approached (DL). Other topic ideas include Kegel exercises, erectile dysfunction (CT), a speaker from Cancer Research (Dennis Boutel), asking Mr Garaffa to speak on one of his areas of expertise (CT), dietary information and guidance, esp. to mitigate side effects (CT) and a presentation on HIFU (CT). It was hoped that any expenses which might be associated with talks might be met from charity monies.

6. Other publicity outlets: it might be useful to approach BBC Essex Radio in due course. It might also be possible to get the topic mentioned in Broomfield Hospital Radio – perhaps on a regular basis?

7. Noted that it was valuable to allow any new member to "tell his story" to the extent he wished to, and to be encouraged to consult the meeting generally/individually for support.

8. December meeting: 2pm on Monday 30th; bring nibbles etc. and (Harvey Wash’s suggestion) unwanted Christmas presents, wrapped so you can’t guess what they are! Raffle?

9. January meeting: speaker Maria Curtis from Macmillan, plus colleague Gary.

DL 10-Dec-13